Life and self-knowledge

“I am indeed a king because I know how to rule myself”

Pietro Aretino

Pietro is an Italian poet, prose writer, and dramatist. What he said seems to be a simple quote from one of his Sonnets. However, the deep meaning of the verse makes me think about the details. To rule a superego is one of the most difficult task lists in our life. Habit building, willpower, and success also depend on knowing how to rule yourself. We are not constant and static organisms in nature. As a human, we are continuously changing from one mood to another. Also, our biological mechanism is quite swiftly changing but we are taking this for granted. The biological and mood changes alter our behaviors and daily routines. Socializing with people helps us to understand these alterations better. Create your own opportunities to communicate and socialize with others even in the Covid-19 pandemic period. Our neural receptors are also quickly ignited on such occasions. This neural activity makes us change and reinforce our adaptation skills which help us to have a strong grip on life.